Risk Management

Altura has a rigorous process to produce value-added, multi-manager portfolios in the emerging segment. Two themes drive this process. The first is the importance of context, to ensure that we understand the key return and risk perspectives, needs and guidelines, and approaches to active management that best suit the client. The second is stringent due diligence, to ensure that both the manager candidates and alternative manager of manager portfolio structures are vetted closely to generate results that will meet and exceed client expectations.

As a result of this approach, the process has both top-down and bottom-up elements. The Altura team works closely with the client to help shape the parameters and expectations for the mandate. In addition, our professionals continually review trends, themes, and individual managers to ensure an understanding of the strategies and approaches appropriate for a particular mandate. Due diligence is rigorous, with four levels of review on each manager, and vetted by Altura’s investment committee, to ensure thorough and nimble response to opportunities. Finally, manager of manager construction considers multiple facets, with several layers of monitoring at a manager and aggregate portfolio level to maintain the best solution for the client on an ongoing basis.

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Manager of Manager Solutions

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