Industry Research

The Emerging and Diverse Manager space is constantly evolving. As new managers and strategies develop, compelling investment opportunities emerge. We help clients stay informed so that they can stay ahead of the curve. We conduct non-manager specific research, highlighting certain aspects of the emerging manager space. This includes research on:

  • particular segments of the industry, like women-owned firms or hispanic-owned firms
  • particular asset class segments, like small cap growth or large cap value
  • topics of interest such as asset flows, growth statistics or the overall performance of emerging managers
  • topics of general economic interest, such as the state of banking, particularly small and community banks
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Manager Research

One of our value-added services is deep, insightful research on individual managers. We conduct research on individual managers in context, meaning that we look at a set of real-estate managers and conduct research on the entire set, so that we get a good sense of the space. We also perform research in the context of the manager’s style and asset class, since the drivers of value, add, and risk vary by strategy type. Our research leads us to form one of four opinions on a manager, ranging from negative to strong positive, with due diligence encompassing four levels of scrutiny. The highest conviction managers are then used to construct portfolios for our asset management clients. In addition, the first three levels of research on individual managers are available to advanced subscribers of the Altura Information Platform. Our research focuses on asset classes where we see opportunity and in which our clients have expressed interest.
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Emerging Manager Quarterly

We are pleased to announce the launching of our newsletter, a quarterly publication primarily focused on reporting research into the emerging manager space.

Our goal is to keep institutional investors up-to-date on information that will help them through their in-vestment decisions:

  • Asset Class Research
  • Key finding highlights
  • Trends and results analyses.

We currently track more than 1,700 emerging manager funds in all asset classes. Accordingly, we will focus each quarter on a different topic, which will bring our clients a value-added perspective.

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  • Focused Solution Selects the best emerging managers within a particular asset class.
  • Best of Breed Provides the best combination of emerging managers across a selection of multiple asset classes.
  • Opportunistic Returns Focused on the best managers, regardless of asset class.
  • Entrepreneurial Alpha A pooled vehicle that generates incremental alpha from equity participation created by investing in early stage best-of-breed emerging manager products.


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