Manager of Managers Solutions

Generate alpha from new sources through diverse investment talent.

With our depth of experience, our proprietary tools, and our leading market presence in the space, we:

  • identify and track the best emerging and diverse talent
  • provide clients with unique insight into the space
  • construct and monitor innovative manager of manager solutions

We provide, based on our clients' unique needs, a suite of customized solutions:

Focused, Best of Breed, Opportunistic Returns, and Entrepreneurial Alpha

Focused Solution

Our Focused Solution is asset-class specific. Designed to complement actively- and passively-managed investments, this solution’s goal is to [find/identify] the emerging managers within a particular asset class that we think will achieve the highest potential excess return at an acceptable level of risk.

Best of Breed Solution

Our Best of Breed Solution provides what we believe to be the best combination of emerging managers across a selection of multiple asset classes. Our information platform, together with our deep knowledge of the emerging manager category, helps us to provide what we believe is an excellent complement to an investor's current portfolio strategy.

Opportunistic Returns Solution

Leveraging our Emerging Manager Information Platform, the Opportunistic Returns Solution works to select managers that we believe will add the most desired risk-adjusted returns. The investor can manage asset class exposure through a separate program, or work with us to find a holistic solution. The Opportunistic Returns Solution seeks to maximize alpha regardless of investment decisions regarding asset class.

Entrepreneurial Alpha Solution

The Entrepreneurial Alpha Solution involves Altura pooling the assets of clients who have similar investment mandates into an ERISA-compliant investment fund. The objective of the fund is to provide investment assets to best of breed, early stage, and other emerging managers we identify. Therefore, our clients hold interests in a private investment fund advised by Altura.

In exchange for their investment in the private investment fund, our clients receive:

  • Investment Alpha - alpha earned on the investment assets allocated to the investment funds or accounts advised by the emerging managers.
  • Entrepreneurial Alpha - alpha earned from:
    1. receiving a negotiated share of the revenue earned by those emerging managers based upon the amount of investment assets to those emerging managers, and
    2. participation in any sale or buy-out of the emerging manager

In addition, Altura clients also receive other unique benefits by virtue of the Entrepreneurial Alpha Solution's use of a pooled investment fund, including:

  • Increased Access - We have proven expertise in identifying a motivated, nimble, and often overlooked set of emerging and diverse managers across a wide variety of asset classes.
  • Negotiating Power - A pooled investment vehicle has greater negotiating power with emerging managers than do individual investors.
  • Lower Expenses and Shared Risk - Due to greater economies of scale, the expenses and investment risks of investment are shared and therefore mitigated by a wider asset base.

We do not acquire an equity interest in any of the managers to which the private investment fund allocates investment assets. We are compensated solely in our capacity as the investment adviser of the fund.

As the investment adviser of the fund, Altura performs due diligence on, and actively monitors the performance of the managers and the investment products they manage. Accordingly, Altura reserves the right to change or modify the investment fund's allocations to the selected managers, in whole or in part, if we deem it in our clients' best interests to do so.

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Manager of Manager Solutions

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