Tools for the Craft

Gathering and analyzing information about emerging and diverse managers is hard — and we have developed proprietary tools and frameworks with which to view and analyze this pool of new talent.

Number of Emerging Firms

We have always been considered the premier database for emerging and diverse managers.

Our database is continuously growing. The chart below, updated daily, shows the number of firms currently in the database.

Altura Emerging and Diverse Manager Information Platform

The online application exclusively focused on emerging and diverse managers

This proprietary tool provides access to new, hard-to-find talent appropriate to clients’ diverse and ever-increasing managerial needs. Updated daily by emerging managers from around the world, the platform gives investors access to each manager’s performance and profile data, analytical tools, community and collaboration tools, and market intelligence.

With no installed software or maintenance required, our real-time online application provides:

  • Web-based access to emerging and diverse money managers
  • No need for maintenance or installed software
  • Analytical tools:
    • Create complex queries against multiple criteria
    • Use a complete suite of investigative functions
    • Generate real time, customizable reports
    • Choose between multiple report output options
  • Collaboration tools:
    • Promote user team sharing — notes and tags, customized rankings
    • Build community — committees, peer message board
  • Automatic alerts — email alerts customized for any data point in the database
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