DMI™ Diversity in the Management of Investments

Our proprietary framework to drive a comprehensive diversity investment strategy

Committing to diversity in your investment strategies can be challenging: performance should remain a priority, the process must be transparent, compelling and rigorous data is costly and cumbersome to gather and maintain, and senior-level commitment is critical for success.

Altura's response to this challenge is DMI™ - Diversity in the Management of Investments, a hands-on advisory service driven by a proprietary intellectual framework to develop a comprehensive diversity investment strategy.

Altura encourages institutional investors to think about DMI™ as a commitment to gain disciplined exposure to all sources of capable investment talent, to find models and solutions that generate alpha and positive returns to investors, and at the same time promote a vibrant and diverse industry.

DMI™ allows organizations to evaluate:

  • Internal and external infrastructure and processes
  • Organizational change requirements
  • Methodology and metrics across all asset class, including performance and strategic impact
  • Investment officers and external consultants alignment and accountability measures
  • New investment trends and opportunities

DMI™ includes:

  • Advisory services to drive top level decision-making
  • Exploring new investment talent in a disciplined and methodical manner
  • Assessment of investment policies, asset allocation, investment programs, manager search and selection process, as well as manager monitoring and portfolio rebalancing
  • In summary, DMI™ allows organizations to enhance performance by harnessing the power of diversity and entrepreneurialism in the investment management world

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To learn more about DMI™, please contact:
Monika Mantilla, President & CEO
+1 (212) 248-0532

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