Requirements to Join

To join the Altura Emerging and Diverse Information Platform, your firm must meet several criteria specific to its category.

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ALL the criteria listed in sections A, B, and C below must be met by private real estate investment firms to qualify and be included in the EMFSP database.
  • Firm must have $3 billion or less in assets under management (AUM)
  • Firm must have a minimum of 45% employee ownership.1
  • Firm must be majority owned by ethnic minorities and/or women and/or disabled veterans.2
  • Firm must be a legally structured entity with a corporate Tax Identification number if it is a US based entity. Firms based outside the US must be legally structured in their country of domicile.
  • Firm must have a Private Placement Memorandum in place, or have similar proposal in the event of a separate account relationship.
  • Firm must manage a portfolio of real estate properties

(1) For the purposes of this definition, 45% employee ownership includes either direct or indirect ownership (through a different legal entity owned by the employees.) For the purposes of this definition, the word employee includes principals, members, partners or any other individuals who are actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the firm.

(2) For the purposes of this definition, majority owned by ethnic minorities and/or women and/or disabled veterans means that 50% or more of the equity of the firm is owned by ethnic minorities and/or women and/or disabled veterans. These firms must send along with their validation form a certificate regarding their minority, women, or disabled veteran status. These firms must state in the validation form the name of the entity or entities that have certified them as such.

Note: The Emerging Manager Database questionnaire is not an RFP. Completing the questionnaire does not ensure or in any way guarantee that a service provider will be considered or hired for an investment program by Altura Capital, or any of its clients.

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