It's a Complex Landscape to Navigate

We believe that small money managers have great potential to outperform their larger peers, based on research and experience.

However, we have found that it has not translated into more interaction between Institutional Investors and emerging Money Managers:

  • Institutional Investors experience the Emerging Manager category as a small, highly undiscovered, hard–to–tap community of managers
  • Money Managers find it challenging and cumbersome to find Institutional Investors that will provide a clear path, effective feedback, insights and knowledge necessary to determine if their strategy and capabilities fit their needs

Now, there is a solution: The Alpha Forum*

*Only available to Altura Database Contributors

The Alpha Forum

A Unique Knowledge and Interaction Platform for Emerging Managers

Money Managers and Institutional Investors can benefit from the interaction and resources of the Alpha Forum – a set of valuable knowledge–sharing tools and resources that provide the ability to interact and connect all participants in the community:

Online Forum Series

Exclusive knowledge–sharing from Institutional Investors without leaving your desk

Participate in 6–10 webinars and virtual roundtables:

  • Hear about the investments plans, emerging manager allocation opportunities and valuable insights
  • Live interactive Q&A provides managers and speakers with the opportunity to interact

AF Real–time Analytics

Create presentation–ready charts and reports that show the performance of your products:

  • Real–time access – anytime, anywhere
  • Customizable for the analysis and benchmark of your choice
  • Leverage Zephyr on Demand data for benchmark and peer group comparisons

AF Quarterly Reports

Receive pre–formatted reports every quarter for a comprehensive view of your product’s performance:

  • Firm and product overview
  • Benchmark and broad peer group comparisons from Zephyr StyleADVISOR
  • Emerging Manager peer group comparisons from the Altura Information Platform

Nowhere else will you be able to get the combination of benchmark, universe and peer performance comparison from a third party. It tells you exactly where you stand in the marketplace. And, more importantly, it will enhance your presentations significantly.

Sample Report:

As an example, a US Equity Fund report will contain:

Firm + Product Overview Manager Benchmark & Broad Universe Peer Comparison Benchmark & Emerging Manager Peer Comparison
Contact Information Growth of $100 Return Comparison
Company Information Absolute Metrics Standard Deviation Comparison
Product and Firm Details Risk/Return
Performance Summary Style
Product Classification Excess Return vs. Market/Time
Benchmark Relative Metrics
Return Comparison
Return Rank
Upside/Downside Table
Cum. Distribution of Returns
Excess Return/Std. Deviation
Histogram of Returns
Report availability by asset class:

Reports are available with different contents depending on the asset class as follows:

Firm &
Universe Peer
Emerging Manager
Peer Comparison
US Equity & Fixed Income Funds
Hedge Funds, Funds of Hedge Funds, International Funds
Private Equity & Real Estate Funds
How it works:
  • Delivered Automatically: reports will be delivered via email quarterly 60 days after quarter close provided you have updated your information on the Altura database.
  • PDF Format: compatible program for everyone than can be easily shared
* Managers that have been Zephyr subscribers in the last six months are not eligible for this service.

Why was the Alpha Forum created?

In the last years, we have observed a growing and evolving interest from Institutional Investors to access Emerging & Diverse Investment talent as new sources of alpha. At the same time, Money Managers in this category face significant challenges such as:

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Important: Altura’s Manager of Manager activities are completely independent from the Alpha Forum and does not affect in any way the rigorous research and due diligence of Altura Capital Group in its role as Advisor and Manager of Managers. The tools hereby offered are tools that have been developed with a keen interest to nurture and enable emerging money managers, but has no connection whatsoever with Altura Capital’s responsibilities as Manager of Managers.