The Altura Advantage

Comprehensive solutions for the emerging and diverse manager space

Altura focuses on generating performance from new, largely untapped sources. With our focus on emerging and diverse managers, we have developed a unique set of solutions, tools, and approaches that are designed to extract alpha from this pool of talent.

With our depth of experience, our proprietary tools, and our leading market presence in the space, we:

  • identify and track the best emerging and diverse talent
  • provide clients with unique insight into the space
  • construct and monitor innovative manager of manager solutions
Emerging and Diverse Manager Information Platform

We believe our Emerging and Diverse Manager Information Platform contains the most extensive emerging and diverse manager coverage in the industry. Updated regularly and offered to our clients via the web in real time, the information platform provides us with a very valuable tool from which due diligence, portfolio construction and monitoring capabilities are added to provide comprehensive manager of manager solutions.
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A Tailored Approach for the Emerging and Diverse Manager Market

We have enhanced standard practices to the needs of the emerging and diverse manager market to ensure performance at acceptable risk. In addition to a unique approach to portfolio construction and monitoring and risk management, we perform rigorous due diligence on managers. Our rigorous quantitative and qualitative due diligence and proprietary business analysis include:

  • Performance and Portfolio Analysis: a keen look at assets under management and capacity, past performance metrics, portfolio composition, benchmark and peer comparisons
  • Firm Analysis: owner insight and management, process strengths and issues, investment philosophy tenets, and key people
  • Procedural Analysis: review of holdings, turnover, back office, and compliance procedures
  • Business Model Analysis: conducted to ensure long term viability and mitigate business-related risks
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Manager of Manager Solutions

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These are examples of innovative solutions that Altura can bring to the marketplace.

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