A New World of Opportunity

Altura provides Institutional Investors with customized manager-of-managers investment solutions, investment advisory and research services to search, invest, and partner with emerging and diverse managers.

Currently Altura serves 16 of the largest institutional investors in the world.

Asset Management


We focus on generating performance from new, largely untapped sources, specializing in emerging and diverse managers. With our team’s depth of experience, our proprietary tools, and our leading market presence in the space, we:

  • identify and track the best emerging and diverse talent
  • provide clients with unique insight into the space
  • construct and monitor innovative manager-of-managers solutions designed to extract alpha (see our Model Portfolio)

Emerging Manager Platform


We have developed a unique set of tools to give clients an edge in their investment portfolios.

  • Web-based access to information on emerging and diverse money managers, including automatic email alerts
  • Complete suite of analytical tools:
    • Create complex queries against multiple criteria
    • Generate real time, customizable reports with multiple output options
  • Comprehensive collaboration tools:
    • Facilitate user team sharing with notes, tags and customized rankings
    • Promote community with committees and a peer message board

Emerging Manager DMI


DMI™ (Diversity in the Management of Investments) is a strategic advisory service for trustees, CIO's and decision makers that allows Institutional Investors to approach diversity in the management of investments in a methodical, results-driven manner. The advantages of DMI™ include:

  • State of the market analysis and latest diversity best practices
  • Establishment of methodology and metrics across all asset classes (including performance, risk and strategic impact)
  • Review of internal and external infrastructure and processes
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Altura News

July 22, 2014 – One of the five biggest pension funds in the US is now a subscriber of the Altura Emerging Manager Platform. Read more ▶

October 15, 2013 – Altura assists a large institutional investor in allocating $100 million among four emerging managers in the US Small Cap space. Read more ▶

July 15, 2013 – Altura assists a large institutional investor in allocating $100 million among three emerging managers in the US Large Cap space. Read more ▶

Proprietary Research

We conducted research that shows that emerging and diverse managers generally outperform their benchmarks and their larger peers. Read more ▶

Emerging and Diverse Managers:

Join the Altura Information Platform

Connecting Money Managers with Institutional Investors

Some of the world's largest institutional investors use our Information Platform to gain access to emerging and diverse managers who fit their exact investment and diversity needs. Joining our database will provide you with visibility and opportunity. We currently maintain real time data and analytics on more than 2,000 emerging managers across all asset classes. Note: There is a Annual Administrative and Database Maintenance Fee of $350 that will be charged to those managers participating in the database. Participating in the database does not entitle the manager to be selected for research or for recommendation by Altura.

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